As a group, the APHA Board of Directors is tasked with deciding and directing association policy.
They are elected by the APHA membership to represent their home areas in making, amending, repealing and enforcing rules and regulations. 


The APHA Director Election begins September 15th.  All members as of September 1st will receive a ballot by email with a link to vote for your area's nominees.  If you do not have an email address on file you should call APHA at 817/222-6403 to update your email address.  If you do not have an email address you can call that same number to request a written ballot be mailed to you.  Ballots cannot be duplicated.  You may also email Theresa Brown at to update your email address or request a written ballot.

  2014 Director Election Allocations for 2015-2016 Directors 
  Timeline for 2014 National Director Election (to serve 2015-16)
  Endorsement Form for National Director Nomination

Board of Directors and Standing Committee Lists
2014 Board of Directors
  2014 Standing Committees

Board of Directors' Minutes 

  2014 Board of Directors' Minutes: Convention
  2013 Board of Directors' Minutes: Workshop
  2012 Board of Directors' Minutes: Convention

Directors' Information

  2013 Director Orientation Booklet 
  2013 Biographical Information Form for Directors, Alternates 
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